Of Love and Desire

Of Love and Desire is a 1963 film directed by Richard Rush and starring Merle Oberon, Steve Cochran and Curd Jürgens.

Of Love and Desire
Of Love and Desire
Theatrical poster
Directed byRichard Rush
Produced byVictor Stoloff
Screenplay byLászló Görög
Richard Rush
Story byVictor Stoloff
Jacquine Delessert
StarringMerle Oberon
Steve Cochran
Curd Jürgens
Music byRonald Stein
CinematographyAlex Phillips
Edited byHarry W. Gerstad
New World Film Corporation
Distributed byTwentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Release date
  • September 11, 1963 (1963-09-11)
Running time
94 minutes
CountryUnited States


American engineer Steve Corey moves to Mexico to work at one of the mining projects owned by Katherine Beckman and her half-brother Paul. He finally is introduced to Katherine, and the man that he is taking over for, Bill Maxton, informs him that Katherine is his for the taking: "All you have to do is touch her—she goes off like fireworks. There were plenty of guys before me, and there'll be plenty after me."

Steve thinks that Katherine is what he expected but ends up developing a crush on her. As their relationship develops, Paul gets upset and reintroduces her ex-boyfriend Gus Cole to her to lure her away from Steve. Half-siblings Katherine and Paul are carrying some emotional damage from the past which they need to work out.

Principal castEdit

Actor Role
Merle Oberon Katherine Beckmann
Steve Cochran Steve Corey
Curd Jürgens Paul Beckmann
John Agar Gus Cole
Jan Murray Pete Madsen
Stanley Adams Mac Lunsford
Eduardo Noriega Señor Domínguez
Rebeca Iturbide Mrs. Renard
Elsa Cárdenas Señora Domínguez

Critical receptionEdit

From online reviewer website Cool Cinema Trash:

Of Love and Desire is an old-fashioned soap opera with a morality firmly entrenched in the 1950s. Sex before marriage is bad. End of story. The resulting guilt and shame this causes for the film's heroine is what makes Of Love and Desire such a melodramatic treat for fans of cool cinema trash.[1]


All tracks are written by Ronald Stein.

Side one
1."Katherine's Love Theme: Sang by Sammy Davis Jr."2:10
2."Of Love And Desire Theme"2:16
3."The Garden"2:49
5."The Pool"2:29
6."The Terrace"2:49
7."Market Chase"1:40
8."The Acapulco Hilton Mariachi Samba Twist"2:35
Side two
9."Romantic Idyl"2:15
10."Mexico City"1:03
11."First Trio"2:11
12."Vocal Llorona And Walk Home"2:22
13."Rape Scene"2:20
14."Second Run"1:58
15."A Brother's Kiss"2:46
16."Katherine's Theme Denouement"3:14


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