Objectif 500 millions

Objectif: 500 millions is a 1966 French film written and directed by Pierre Schoendoerffer who made it after the success of The 317th Platoon (1965).[1]


Reichau is a one time army captain who served three years in prison for belonging to the OAS during the Algerian War. He arrives in France, unsure what to do with his life. He decides to take part in a heist organized by Pierre, the man who sent him to prison. The heist consists of stealing a bag containing 500 million francs during a plane flight.


  • Bruno Cremer as Reichau
  • Marisa Mell as Yo
  • Jean-Claude Rolland
  • Etienne Bierry
  • Pierre Fromont
  • Jean-François Chauvel
  • Thomas Hong-Mai


The film was not a box office success being the 106th most popular movie at the French box office with admissions of 497,369.[2]


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