Oakover is a historic building in Shimla, Himchal Pradesh, India. One of the earliest houses built in Shimla, it is the official residence of Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh.[1]


A British era building Oakover previously served as residence of Maharajas of former Patiala State.[2][3]

Oakover cemetery was opened in 1828 and is considered the oldest British era cemetery in Shimla. It was in use until 1841 and has since fallen into disrepair and neglect.[4][5]

In art and popular cultureEdit

British photographer Samuel Bourne travelled through India beginning in January 1863. He also visited Shimla and took photos featuring Oakover: Oakover, Simla[6] Simla, from Oakover[7] and Jakko, from Oakover.[8]


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Coordinates: 31°5′40.63″N 77°10′32.45″E / 31.0946194°N 77.1756806°E / 31.0946194; 77.1756806