Oakleigh Barracks

Oakleigh Barracks is located in the suburb of Oakleigh South. It is situated on North Road, close to Huntingdale Railway Station.

Oakleigh Barracks Signage
Oakleigh Barracks Signage

Address - 1318 North Road, Oakleigh South, Victoria, 3167

Currently, it is host to the following Units - Sub units:

22nd Engineer Regiment, (Royal Australian Engineers) (RAE) - 105 Works Squadron & 10th Combat Engineer Squadron

3rd Health Support Battalion (Royal Australian Army Medical Corps) (RAAMC) - 6th Health Support Company.

4th Combat Services Support Battalion (Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps) (RAAMC) - 105 Field Workshop Company & 6th Health Company.

Oakleigh Barracks Main Entry

The Barracks is also used for the purposes of the Australian Army Cadets, 302 Unit.