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Oak Hall School is a private school in Gainesville, Florida, that was founded in 1970.[1] Gainesville finished desegregation of their high schools in 1970.

Oak Hall School
Gainesville FL Oak Hall School sign02.jpg
Oak Hall School is located in Florida
Oak Hall School
Oak Hall School
1700 SW 75th Street, Gainesville, FL 32607

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Coordinates29°38′19″N 82°25′47″W / 29.6387416°N 82.4297057°W / 29.6387416; -82.4297057Coordinates: 29°38′19″N 82°25′47″W / 29.6387416°N 82.4297057°W / 29.6387416; -82.4297057
School typeIndependent preparatory
MottoScholarship, leadership, service
GradesPre-K through 12th
Color(s)Burgundy and Gold
RivalSaint Francis Catholic High School


The school was founded in 1970, when court orders required public schools to be racially integrated. Although technically a private school, the school was largely built with funds provided by industrial revenue bonds raised by Alachua County.[2]


The school is sited on a 44-acre (18 ha) campus and includes a 400-seat theater, art and photography center, media center, science labs, gymnasium, lighted soccer field, lighted football field, and brand new tennis courts.

Athletics and extracurricularsEdit

Oak Hall provides opportunities for many varsity sports, including basketball, soccer, football, softball, baseball, track, cross-country, tennis, swimming, golf, weight lifting and lacrosse. The baseball field is named for Roger Maris, the former baseball great who coached baseball for many years. The cross-country team won the state championship in 2013.

Oak Hall also has a thriving student government association, has several clubs (including language clubs), an outdoors club, a spirit club, a Key Club, and is a member of the Cum Laude Honors Society. The chess club, established in 1997, has won the National USCF championships sixteen times, most recently in 2018.[citation needed]

Oak Hall has a Spanish program and was placed first in Division 1A at the Florida State Spanish Conference in 2010. It also has a Latin program and was placed first in the Senior Division and first in the Junior Division at the 2010 FJCL State Forum held between April 14, 2010 and April 17, 2010. The Senior Division won again in 2012, 2014,[3] 2015,[4] and 2016.[5] Its Certamen team has won multiple state and collegiate level tournaments.[6]

Many students from Oak Hall have formed music bands, such as MidBrain and Purely Red.

Oak Hall has a sister school in Changzhou, China, the Changzhou Number 2 Middle/High School, the students have an exchange student program that was founded around a decade ago.

Notable alumniEdit


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