The German Army Command in the West (Oberbefehlshaber West (German: initials OB West) was the overall command of the Westheer, the German Armed Forces on the Western Front during World War II. It was directly subordinate to German Armed Forces High Command. The area under the command of the OB West varied as the war progressed. At its farthest extent it reached the French Atlantic coast. By the end of World War II in Europe it was reduced to commanding troops in Bavaria.


No. Name Took office Left office Time in office
1Rundstedt, GerdGeneralfeldmarschall
Gerd von Rundstedt
10 October 19401 April 1941173 days
2Witzleben, ErwinGeneralfeldmarschall
Erwin von Witzleben
1 May 194115 March 1942348 days
(1)Rundstedt, GerdGeneralfeldmarschall
Gerd von Rundstedt
15 March 19422 July 19442 years, 109 days
3Kluge, GüntherGeneralfeldmarschall
Günther von Kluge
2 July 194417 August 194446 days
-Model, WalterGeneralfeldmarschall
Walter Model
17 August 19443 September 194417 days
(1)Rundstedt, GerdGeneralfeldmarschall
Gerd von Rundstedt
3 September 194411 March 1945189 days
4Kesselring, AlbertGeneralfeldmarschall
Albert Kesselring
11 March 194522 April 194542 days

Order of battle from June 1944 to January 1945Edit

OB West
Army Group B Panzer Group West Army Group G Army Group H Army Group D
Seventh Army Fifteenth Army Sixth SS Panzer Army (Dec 1944 – Jan 1945) Fifth Panzer Army First Army Nineteenth Army 1st Parachute Army 25th Army Structure of the OB West
LXXXIV Corps LXXXVIII Corps I SS Panzer Corps I SS Panzer Corps XII Corps LXII Corps II Parachute Corps XXX Corps
II Parachute Corps LXXXVIII Corps II SS Panzer Corps XLVII Panzer Corps XXIV Corps LXXXV Corps LXXXVI Corps
LIII Corps (dec. 1944) LXXXVI Corps LXVII Corps II SS Panzer Corps XXIV Corps LXXXV Corps LXXXVI Corps