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Nydalen station (Norwegian: Nydalen holdeplass) is a railway station on the Gjøvik Line in Oslo, Norway. The station was built opened in 1946, and is located between Grefsen and Kjelsås. Like most of the local Oslo stations on the Gjøvik Line, Nydalen is a small station. It is unmanned, has only a single wooden platform, and is served only by commuter trains. Close by, but not in connection, is a subway station with the same name, Nydalen.

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Oslo komm.svg Oslo
Coordinates59°57′08″N 10°46′08″E / 59.952335°N 10.768986°E / 59.952335; 10.768986Coordinates: 59°57′08″N 10°46′08″E / 59.952335°N 10.768986°E / 59.952335; 10.768986
Owned byBane NOR
Operated byVy Gjøvikbanen
Line(s)Gjøvik Line
Distance8.13 km (5.05 mi)

The station is located in Nordre Aker borough. The area around the stations is largely industrial, though the area (Nydalen) is gradually being changed into a more residential-industrial mix. Close by is BI Norwegian Business School campus.

On December 23, 2009, the station was reopened following upgrades to the station infrastructure.[1]


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