Kjelsås Station

Kjelsås Station (Norwegian: Kjelås stasjon) is located at Kjelsås in Oslo, Norway on the Gjøvik Line. The railway station is located 10.28 km (6.39 mi) from Oslo Central Station between Nydalen Station and Snippen Station at 155.6 meters (510 ft) above sea level and was opened in 1900, two years before the railway to Gjøvik was finished.[citation needed]

Kjelsås Station
Oslo komm.svg Oslo
Coordinates59°57′58″N 10°46′58″E / 59.96611°N 10.78278°E / 59.96611; 10.78278Coordinates: 59°57′58″N 10°46′58″E / 59.96611°N 10.78278°E / 59.96611; 10.78278
Elevation155.6 m (510 ft) asl
Owned byBane NOR
Operated byVy Gjøvikbanen
Line(s)Gjøvik Line
Distance10.28 km (6.39 mi)
ConnectionsTram: 11 & 12 (Kjelsås Line)
ArchitectPaul Due
Other information
Fare zone1
towards Majorstuen
Line 11Terminus
towards Majorstuen
Line 12Terminus
towards Majorstuen
Line 11NTerminus
towards Majorstuen
Line 12NTerminus

The station is served by commuter and regional trains operated by Vy Gjøvikbanen. There is a tram and bus stop at the station. The station is located beside the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.

Kjelsås tram stopEdit

A SL79 Tram at Kjelsås in 2014
Owned bySporveien
Operated byRuter

Kjelsås is a tram stop and the terminus of the Kjelsås Line. It is served by line 11 and 12 using the older SL79 high-floor trams. It has a balloon loop. It was opened on the 25 of September, 1934.[1] It is nearby the Kjelsås Railway Station. Kjelsås was closed for two years along with the rest of the Kjelsås Line since 2002 until 2004 after local protest.


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