Nyamiha stampede

The Nyamiha stampede took place at Nyamiha metro station in Minsk, Belarus. On May 30, 1999, a sudden thunderstorm caused a number of young people to race for shelter during an open-air concert nearby. The stampede was funneled toward the underpass of the metro station and many people were killed in the crush when they started slipping on the wet pavement, falling, and trampling each other.[1][2][3]

Nyamiha stampede
Belarus-Minsk-Entrance to Niamiha Metro Station.jpg
Entrance to "Niamiha" metro station, 2005, site of tragedy
Date30 May 1999
LocationMinsk, Belarus

The official death toll was 53.

Belarus had a three-day mourning period after the event.


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Coordinates: 53°54′19″N 27°33′09″E / 53.9053°N 27.5525°E / 53.9053; 27.5525