Nyamata is a town in southeastern Rwanda. Nyamata literally means "place of milk" from the two Kinyarwanda words "nya-" (of) and "amata" (milk).[1]

Nyamata city
Nyamata city is located in Rwanda
Nyamata city
Nyamata city
Location in Rwanda
Coordinates: 02°12′18″S 30°08′42″E / 2.20500°S 30.14500°E / -2.20500; 30.14500
CountryFlag of Rwanda.svg Rwanda
ProvinceEastern Province
DistrictBugesera District
 • Total95 km2 (37 sq mi)
1,340 m (4,400 ft)
 (2012 census)
 • Total34,922
 • Density370/km2 (950/sq mi)


Nyamata is located in Bugesera District, Eastern Province, directly south of Kigali, the national capital and the largest city in the country. Its location is about 39 kilometres (24 mi), by road, south of Kigali.[2]


It is not well known what happened in the region before 1900. In 1900 however, there was a war between the Kingdom of Rwanda-Rwagasabo with Cyirima as the King, and the Kingdom of Bugesera whose King was Nsoro. Bugesera won the war, Nsoro captured Cyirima but did not kill him nor did he acquire the territory of Rwanda-Rwagasabo. After Nsoro died his son Ruganzu Ndori became King. Ruganzu Ndori was the last king of Bugesera, he died in 1962 when Rwanda became a republic.


The exterior of the Catholic Church Genocide memorial site

Nyamata is a small town in Bugesera District, Rwanda. A new airport, Bugesera International Airport, is under construction, since August 2017, with the first phases expected to be completed in 2019.[3]

The town is also the location of Nyamata Genocide Memorial. Located at the site where Nyamata Parish Catholic Church once stood, the memorial contains the remains of over 45,000 genocide victims, almost all of whom were Tutsi, including over 10,000 who were massacred inside the church itself. [1][4]


According to the national population census of 15 August 2012, the population of Nyamata was 34,922 people.[5]

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The following points of interest lie within the town limits or close to the edges of town: (a) Nyamata Genocide Memorial Centre, (b) the offices of Nyamata Town Council, (c) Nyamata central market (d) a branch of the Bank of Kigali, (e) a branch of the Urwego Opportunity Bank and (f) Bugesera International Airport, near the town of Rilima.[6]

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Coordinates: 02°12′18″S 30°08′42″E / 2.20500°S 30.14500°E / -2.20500; 30.14500