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Nummius Tuscus (fl. late 3rd to early 4th century) was a Roman senator who was appointed consul in AD 295.


A member of the Gens Nummii, Nummius Tuscus was probably the son of Marcus Nummius Tuscus, the consul of AD 258.[1] He himself was appointed consul prior alongside Gaius Annius Anullinus in AD 295. Sometime between 295 and 302, Nummius Tuscus served as the proconsular curator of Aquarum et Miniciae; this was followed by his appointment as Praefectus Urbi of Rome, a position he held from 19 February 302 until 12 September 303.[2]

Sometime during the reign of the emperor Maxentius (AD 306–312), Nummius Tuscus and 12 other senators each contributed 400,000 sesterces, probably for the construction of a building in Rome.


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