Numerix is an American financial technology limited liability company. It develops multi-asset class analytics and scalable software for risk management, trading, valuations and pricing for both sell-side and buyside market participants. The company is headquartered in New York City with nineteen offices[2] worldwide.

Numerix LLC
Limited liability company
FoundedNew York, NY 1996 (1996)
FounderAlexander Sokol, Nigel Goldenfeld, Mitchell Feigenbaum and Michael Goodkin
New York, NY
Number of locations
19 offices (2019)
Area served
Key people
Gregory Whitten (Chairman of the Board), Steven O'Hanlon (President and CEO)
  • Numerix Oneview
  • Numerix CrossAsset
  • Numerix NxCore
  • Numerix Oneview Asset Management
  • Numerix FRTB
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It received a major investment from Greg Whitten who invested an additional US$32 million in 2001.[3]

Numerix is a global leader in front-office risk technology and cross-asset analytics for OTC derivatives, structured products and variable annuities, providing software and services for structuring, pre-trade pricing, trade capture and valuation.[4] Approximately 700 clients and 90 partners across more than 26 different countries use software developed by Numerix.[5] Its partners includes MathWorks, Broadridge, Nomura Research Institute, Oracle, ICE Data Services, Tradition Market Data, ActiveViam, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services etc.[6]

Steven O’Hanlon has been CEO of Numerix since January 2013 and President and COO since 2004.[7]


Numerix was founded in 1996 by Alexander Sokol, Nigel Goldenfeld, Mitchell Feigenbaum and Michael Goodkin as a software company selling multi-asset class pricing tool kits. Numerix CrossAsset remains as one of the industry’s most comprehensive collection of models offering full portfolio coverage and broad instrument support for fixed income/rates, equity, FX, credit, commodities, inflation, longevity, volatility and hybrids.[8]

Numerix CrossAsset is used to price financial derivatives and calculate risk analytics- ranging from credit risk, market risk, stress testing, back testing, scenario generation and risk reporting.[9]

Shortly after the financial crisis, Numerix expanded its offerings to risk solutions that evolve around a standard set of pricing analytics.[10]

Numerix continued to grow and build out its front office XVA adjustments for pre-trade pricing, as well as counterparty credit risk exposures and market risk measures and introduced Oneview, its flagship risk management software in 2016.[11]

Oneview is a real-time, front and middle office platform with a microservices architecture, designed for pre-trade pricing, post-trade valuations, XVAs, counterparty risk, market risk, margin and capital calculations.  The platform is intended to give financial institutions a comprehensive view of their derivatives and structured products businesses while providing end users with dynamic decision support analytics.[12]

The open and flexible API strategy of Oneview enables users to easily integrate with existing platforms, business intelligence tools, data sources, development tools and reporting interfaces across front office, risk management and treasury systems to achieve analytic consistency across a firm.


Numerix’ direct competitors are FINCAD, SunGard-FastVal, MSCI, Quantifi, swissQuant and Pricing Partners a Thomson Reuters company.


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