Nuclear Psychology

Nuclear Psychology is an EP by the American psychedelic rock band Weird Owl, released on February 21, 2007.[1]

Nuclear Psychology
Weird Owl - Nuclear Psychology (2007) cover art.jpg
EP by
ReleasedFebruary 21, 2007 (2007-02-21)
GenrePsychedelic rock
LabelWeird Owl
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Nuclear Psychology
Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed


The album was partially recorded at Seaside Lounge Studios in Brooklyn, New York City.[2] The EP's cover art is a reference to the cover art for the 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon by English rock band Pink Floyd. Trevor Tyrrell, guitarist and lead vocalist for Weird Owl, has stated that "the cover was a quick joke having more to do with our self-presumed spot in the continuum of mind-music more than it has to do with any great reverence for Floyd. We felt as if we were the sons of a certain musical father (in a collective sense) and that it was now time for the son to assert his independence".[3]

Track listingEdit

1."Like 100,000 Sunsets"8:05
2."Thy Space Grows Long"5:40
3."White Hidden Fire"7:03
4."Tickle the Invisible"7:49
5."King of Flowers (ESP)"6:52
Total length:35:29


Weird Owl

Additional production

  • Gerard Garone – recording
  • Harley Zinger – recording


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