Notre charge apostolique

Notre charge apostolique (our Apostolic Mandate) was a papal letter promulgated by Pope Pius X on August 15, 1910.

Notre charge apostolique
French for 'Our Apostolic Mandate'
Encyclical of Pope Pius X
Coat of arms of Pope Pius X
Signature date 15 August 1910
SubjectSillon movement
Number14 of 17 of the pontificate
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The Pope took issue with the socialist leanings of the Catholic 'Le Sillon' movement of Marc Sangnier. He said that Sillonists wanted to completely level social differences and to create a "One World Church" by joining "unbelievers". The Pope emphasized that a Catholic view of social justice meant considering the needs of both the powerful and poor. The Sillonists, he said, did not accept that authority comes from God down to the authorized leaders and from there to the people.