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Norwegian Mission Alliance

Norwegian Mission Alliance (NMA) - non-profit organization of Christian origin, engaged in the development assistance to poor countries. Established in 1901 and based within the Church of Norway. The organizers declared their foundations on the evangelical Christian faith in conformity with the Holy Scripture and the Apostolic Statement of Faith. The particular emphasis on the unity of all christians is made.

The Organization runs diaconal mission and development projects for the poor all over the world (Latin America, Asia) and sponsored by individuals, companies and the government in Norway.

Target groups are the poor, the disabled, discriminated and neglected people without any community care, including such groups as the family, children and young people, including poor and/or disabled children and young people, women, ethnic minorities.

Main areas:

  • Church work,
  • Leadership training,
  • Work in urban areas,
  • Education,
  • Microfinance,
  • Health,
  • Rural development.


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