Norwegian Agrarian Association

The Norwegian Agrarian Association (Norwegian: Norges Bondelag) is the largest Norwegian interest organization for farmers.

Norwegian Agrarian Association
Norges Bondelag
Norges Bondelag logo.png
Formation6 February 1896
Region served
Nils T. Bjørke

It functions both as a labour union and as a trade union. It negotiates with the Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union and the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion about agricultural subsidies. It has 61,000 members, with 607 local chapters and 18 county chapters.

The association was established in 1896 as Norges Landmandsforbund. In 1920 the organization decided to create its own political party, the Agrarian Party (now called Centre Party). In 1922 the Norwegian Agrarian Association took its present name. The organization is currently completely independent of the Centre Party.

The association has an official publication, Bondebladet, which is published on a weekly basis.[1]


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