Norton Canes Stadium

Norton Canes Stadium was a former greyhound racing track situated in Norton Canes, near Cannock in Staffordshire.[1]

Norton Canes Stadium
LocationNorton Canes, near Cannock in Staffordshire
Coordinates52°39′55″N 1°57′37″W / 52.66528°N 1.96028°W / 52.66528; -1.96028


Norton Canes Stadium c.1975

Charles Southall built the track in 1974 and chose a site east of the village of Norton Canes on the west side of the Brownhills Road. The track was dwarfed by the large Chasewater reservoir on its eastern side.[2]


Racing began under the N.G.R.C permit scheme in 1975 and races were run over the distances of 265m, 440m, 617m, 792m and 969m. Facilities included a licensed club house and there was a car park for 400 vehicles, kennels for 75 greyhounds and a glass fronted covered stand.[3]


The management introduced two competitions called the Norton Canes Derby and the Champion Bitch Stakes. Stephen Rea took over the lease in 1980 at a time when a rival track the Chasewater Raceway opened. In 1984 Rea sold the lease to John Preece a businessman with an engineering firm in Stourbridge. The track enjoyed a popular spell with Preece as a promoter, the attendances went up and it attracted one of the sports leading trainers Geoff De Mulder.[4]

DeMulder trained Fearless Ace when he won the Pall Mall Stakes in 1988 and in 1992 Glideaway Silver won the Scottish Greyhound Derby; The white and fawn dog was trained by Michael Compton. English Greyhound Derby final appearances followed for Cooladine Style in 1989 and Fair Hill Boy and Galtymore Lad in 1990.[5]

Other trainers included Norman Johnson, Sylvia Houlker, Melvin Baker, Russ Kinsey, Maurice Buckland and George Lightfoot and Harry Dodds trained Appleby Lisa who became the Gold Collar champion in 1991. Derek Pugh brought the Irish sales to Norton Canes for a short spell in the early nineties after selling Cradley Heath Stadium.[6]


Norton Canes came to an abrupt end on 31 July 1995[7] when Preece pulled out as promoter after struggling to keep the track profitable.[8] The track then suffered a serious fire in March 1996 effectively ending any chance of sport returning to the site.[9]


As of 2012 the site was still derelict awaiting planning permission for a housing development.

Norton Canes DerbyEdit


Year Winner Breeding Trainer Time SP Notes
1975 Information Bright Lad – Up Two John Gibbons (Private) 27.64
1976 Brookhouse Gent Moordyke Charlie – Alderley Duchess E Stanyer (Permit) 27.84 11-10f
1977 Autumn Belin Kilbelin Style – High Temperature Geoff De Mulder (Hall Green) 27.85 4-6f
1978 Shuna Itsachampion – Move Sue Ken Shearman (Permit) 27.16
1990 Linthurst Rita Buncarrig – Tinys Pet Leo Pugh (Hall Green) 26.98 5-1
1991 Cottesloe Champ Road Whisper – Shanavulin Black Deardon (Norton Canes) 27.35 7-2

Track recordsEdit

Greyhound Time Date Notes
265 Adam 15.01 07.06.1986
440 Oakfield Colin 26.91 18.11.1983
440 Larryandy 26.88 24.06.1991
440 Mandies Supreme 26.88 21.10.1991 =equalled
440 Moral Start 26.77 22.11.1991
570 Townview Snowy 35.79 1987
570 Lucky Lagamore 35.63 02.12.1991
617 Slaneyside Point 39.61 12.09.1983
617 Murlens Panther 39.30 01.11.1989
617 Lucky Lagamore 39.28 11.11.1991
792 High July 53.03 1980
792 Shropshire Lass 52.91 1991
969 Shropshire Lass 65.53 24.11.1989
440 H Moreen Flamingoe 28.27 1987


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