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Northwest Gbaya language

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Northwest Gbaya is a Gbaya language spoken across a broad expanse of Cameroon and the Central African Republic. The principal variety is Kara (Kàrà, Gbaya Kara), a name shared with several neighboring languages; Lay (Làì) is restricted to a small area north of Mbodomo, with a third between it and Toongo that is not named in Moñino (2010), but is influenced by the Gbaya languages to the south.

Northwest Gbaya
Native toCameroon, Central African Republic
Native speakers
(65,000 in Cameroon cited 1980)[1]
200,000 in CAR (1996), 2,000 in Congo (1993)
  • Kàrà
  • Làì
  • (3rd variety)
Language codes
ISO 639-3gya

For male initiation rites, the Gbaya Kara use a language called La'bi.


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