Northern Theater Command

The Northern Theater Command is one of the five theater commands of the People's Liberation Army. It was founded on February 1, 2016; its predecessor is the Shenyang Military Region. Its headquarters is in the Heping District of Shenyang, Liaoning Province.[1] The Northern Theater Command shares borders with North Korea, Russia and Mongolia.

Northern Theater Command
Founded1 February 2016
(5 years, 8 months)
Country China
AllegianceCommunist Party of China
TypeTheater Command
RoleConcentration on Mongolia, the Russian Far East and the Korean peninsula
Part ofPeople's Liberation Army
HeadquartersShenyang, Liaoning Province
CommanderGeneral Li Qiaoming
Political CommissarAirforce General Fan Xiaojun
Northern Theater Command
Map of Northern Theatre of PLA.svg
Northern Theater Command
Simplified Chinese北部战区
Traditional Chinese北部戰區

Area of Responsibility (AOR)Edit

The Northern Theater Command's Area of Responsibility (AOR) consists of Mongolia, Russian Siberia, and North Korea, as well as the Bohai Bay and Yellow Sea.[2]

Organizational structureEdit

The Northern Theater Command consists of the following components:

Unit Bases Combat Series Number Make
1st Fighter Division Anshan (1st Regiment, 3rd Regiment), Chifeng (2nd Regiment) 1XX2X J-11B (1st Regiment), J-10A (2nd Regiment), J-8F (3rd Regiment)
11th Division (Ground Support) Siping (31st Regiment), Dalian (32nd Regiment) 2XX2X JH-7A (31st Regiment), Q-5 (32nd Regiment)
16th Division (Specialised) Shengyang (46th Regiment, 47th Regiment), Shenyang (48th Regiment) 2XX7X JQ-8 (46th Regiment), Y-8 (47th Regiment) Y-8, Z-9 (48th Regiment)
21st Division (Air Combat) Mudanjiang, Qiqihar, Yanbian 3XX2X J-8H, J-7, Jiaolian-9; J-7; J-7
Dalian Base Dandong (88th Brigade), Pulandian (89th Brigade), Yingchengzi (90th Brigade) 4XX1X J-7E (88th Brigade), J-11A/BS (89th Brigade)
4th Brigade (Radar) Qingdao
5th Aviation Division Weifang (13th Regiment, 15th Regiment) Zhucheng (14th Regiment) 1XX6X Q-5 (13th Regiment, 14th Regiment), JH-7A (15th Regiment)
12th Fighter Aviation Division Wendeng 2XX3X J-7, J-10A (36th Regiment), (J-8)
19th Division (Air Combat) Jining 3XX0X J-11B (55th Regiment), Su-27SK/UBK/J-11A


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