North Division Two (shinty)

The North Division Two (currently known as the 'Mowi North Division 2' for sponsorship reasons) is the fourth tier of the Shinty league system. League champions take home the MacGillivray Junior Cup and are promoted to the North Division One.

Mowi North Division Two
ConfederationCamanachd Association
Number of teams8
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toNorth Division One
Relegation toNone
Current championsLovat Shinty Club 2nd

Due to the folding of North Division Three no relegation currently takes place.

Current TeamsEdit

The 2019 Mowi North Division 2 will consist of the following teams:

*Denotes Reserve team


1996 to 1999: North Division Two becomes the third tier with the creation of a Premier Division.

1999 to 2006: North Division Two becomes the fourth tier of the league system with the advent of the National Division One.

2007 to 2014: North Division Two once again becomes the third tier of Shinty

2014: North Division two returns to being the fourth tier of Shinty.

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