North Carolina State League

The North Carolina State League was a Class D level league in Minor League Baseball. The original version of the league played from 1913 to 1917 as the successor to the Carolina Association. The second version of the league was established in 1937 in part in order to compete with the Piedmont-region independent league, the Carolina League, and ran through 1953 when it combined with the Western Carolina League to form the Tar Heel League.[1]

North Carolina State League
FormerlyCarolina Association
ClassificationClass D (1913–1917, 1937–1942, 1945–1952)
SportMinor League Baseball
First season1913
Replaced byTar Heel League
PresidentJoseph H. Wearn (1913)
Arthur Lyon (1914–1915)
William G. Bramham (1916–1917)
Gene Lawing (1937–1938)
C. M. Llewellyn (1939–1942, 1945–1946)
R. A. Collier (1947–1948)
Frank Spencer (1949)
Robert A. Collier (1950)
Walter H. Woodson (1951–1952)
No. of teams22
CountryUnited States of America
Most titles5
Thomasville/High Point-Thomasville
Carolina League

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1913–1917 edit


1937–1942, 1945–1952 edit


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