North Carolina Annual Conference

The North Carolina Conference is an Annual Conference (a regional episcopal area, similar to a diocese) of the United Methodist Church. This conference serves the eastern half of the state of North Carolina, with its administrative offices and the office of the bishop located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is part of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. The current Bishop of the North Carolina Conference is the Reverend Hope Morgan Ward.[1][2]

The North Carolina Conference provides funding to three institutions of higher learning:


The NC Annual Conference is further subdivided into 8 smaller regions, called "districts," which provide further administrative functions for the operation of local churches in cooperation with each other. This structure is vital to Methodism, and is referred to as connectionalism. The Districts that comprise the North Carolina Conference are:

  • Beacon
  • Capital
  • Corridor
  • Fairway
  • Gateway
  • Harbor
  • Heritage
  • Sound

Prior to July 2012, the North Carolina Conference had 12 districts.

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