Norman Paton

Norman William Paton is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester in the UK[5][8][9][10][11] where he co-leads the Information Management Group (IMG)[12] with Carole Goble.

Norman Paton
Norman William Paton
Alma materUniversity of Aberdeen
Known for
Scientific career
ThesisA Prolog implementation of an object-oriented database system (1989)
Doctoral advisorPeter M. D. Gray[6][7]


Paton was educated at the University of Aberdeen where he was awarded first class Bachelor of Science degree in Computing Science in 1986 and a PhD in 1989 for research into object-oriented database systems using Prolog[13][14][15] supervised by Peter Gray.[6]


Paton's research interests are currently in distributed information management including dataspaces,[16][17][18]query processing in Wireless sensor networks,[19][20] autonomic computing, workflow management, and data management for systems biology.[21][22] His research has been funded by the EPSRC,[23] the BBSRC[24] and the European Union.

Paton has also been active in the Open Grid Forum (OGF),[25] Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI)[3] and the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology (MCISB).[24]


Paton has taught on several database courses at undergraduates and postgraduate level.


Paton has had a variety of roles in the School of Computer Science including director of the research school, director of teaching strategy, and head of school from November 2008[26] to November 2011[27].


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