Nordwestring station is a Nuremberg U-Bahn station. It is the northern terminus of the U3 line and was opened on 22 May 2017.

Nuremberg U-Bahn station
General information
Coordinates49°27′57″N 11°03′18″E / 49.4657°N 11.0549°E / 49.4657; 11.0549
Operated byVerkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg
Structure typeUnderground
Other information
Fare zoneVGN: 100[1]
Opened22 May 2017
Preceding station Nuremberg U-Bahn Following station
Klinikum Nord U3 Terminus

Location edit

The station is located on the border of the Nuremberg districts Bielingplatz and Wetzendorf and extends underground in east-west orientation across the Nordwestring (part of B4R) between Bielefelder Straße and Heimerichstraße. The building is located in a simple depth (7.70 m) below the earth's surface. At each platform end there is an elevator, as well as stairs and escalators, which are a direct link to the surface.[2] Behind the underground station, under Bielefelder Straße, there is a 170 m long, double-track tunnel, which is used as a parking or turning facility.[3]

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References edit

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