Nordland Hospital Trust

Nordland Hospital Trust (Norwegian: Nordlandssykehuset, NLSH) is a part of the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority and covers the specialist health services for areas north of Saltfjellet in Nordland county. The trust consists of a number of units that were merged on 1 January 2002, following the government takeover of healthcare services. In addition, the trust manages several minor psychiatric treatment facilities in the county. Eivind Solheim was managing director of the trust until 2010.[1]

Nordland Hospital, Bodø center

The trust consists of four previously independent hospitals, including:

  • Nordland Hospital, Bodø center (somatic), previously known as Nordland Central Hospital
  • Nordland Hospital, Rønvik (psychiatric), previously Nordland Psychiatric Hospital
  • Nordland Hospital, Lofoten (Vestvågøy), previously Lofoten Hospital
  • Nordland Hospital, Vesterålen (Stokmarknes)


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