Nommara 17

Nommara 17 (Sinhala: නොම්මර 17) is a 1989 Sri Lankan Sinhala action thriller film directed by Hemasiri Sellapperuma and produced by Preethiraj Weeraratne for Weeraratne Enterprises. It stars Vijaya Kumaratunga, Sanath Gunathilake and Jeewan Kumaranatunga in lead roles along with Mervyn Jayathunga, Freddie Silva and Sabeetha Perera.[1] The music was composed by Ernest Soysa. It is the 691st film in the Sinhala cinema.

Nommara 17
නොම්මර 17
Directed byHemasiri Sellapperuma
Produced byWeeraratne Enterprises
Written byPreethiraj Weeraratne
Based onPreethiraj Weeraratne
StarringVijaya Kumaratunga
Sanath Gunathilake
Jeewan Kumaranatunga
Music byErnest Soysa
CinematographyM. H. Gafoor
Edited byM. S. Aliman
Distributed byCEL Theatres
Release date
21 July 1989
CountrySri Lanka
Box office2 SL Crores

The film was screened after the assassination of lead actor Vijaya Kumaratunga, which influenced the fans to come and watch his famous movie star for the last time on the silver screen. Thus recorded as one of the huge blockbuster hit in Sinhala cinema, which also won Sarasaviya Award as well. It successfully passed 200 days at theatres.


Inspector Jayasinghe arrests a criminal named Mervyn and puts him in jail. Inspector has three sons named Vijaya, Naatha and Mahesh. He gifts three chains to them. One day, Mervyn escapes from jail and hides in wall. He sees Inspector teaches his children to shoot. Mervyn shots Inspector and tries to kidnap kids. Vijaya and Naatha escape from there while Mahesh hides in a bush. Another police chief finds Mahesh and brings him to his house for adopt him with his daughter, Vasanthi. One Day, Mervyn kidnaps Vasanthi while she was playing. Vijaya and Naatha stay at road and another criminal named Wilson take care them for earn money. Wilson demands Vijaya to travel some drugs. However, Vijaya refuses it and Wilson puts him in jail as a criminal.

Some years later, Vijaya who nicknamed as "Nommara 17" releases from jail with his friend, Potato who nicknamed as "Nommara 13". He thinks that he won't be able to find his brothers. Now, Naatha is grown into a head of gangster and Mahesh working as a Inspector while Vasanthi was adopted by Mervyn. Vijaya meets Vasanthi and they fall in love. Soon, Vijaya meets Inspector Mahesh and become friends unaware that he is his brother. One day, He sees his father's photo in Mahesh's house and Mahesh's adopted mother introduces him that Vijaya is his brother. Two brothers reunites and they meet Wilson at road. Vijaya recognises him and Mahesh punishes him. But, Naatha catches both of them and punishes them. In this time, Vijaya's chain falls and Naatha sees it. Then he realizes that Vijaya and Mahesh are his long lost brothers and unites with them.

Mervyn and Wilson kidnap three brothers and Vasanthi saves them. Upon learning that, Mervyn and Wilson fight with them with their guardians. Mervyn is stabbed while Mahesh's adopted mother comes to there and asks him about her daughter. Mervyn reveals Vasanthi about her mother and unites them as he dies. Vijaya, Naatha and Mahesh manage to defeat Wilson, but Naatha is shooted by Wilson while saving Vijaya. Naatha handovers his wife to Mahesh and dies. The film ends with the familys' reunion.



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4."Meda Sale Bandanne"Vijaya Kumaratunga, Angeline Gunathilake, Gratien Ananda 
5."Ali Patai Komali"Angeline Gunathilake, Freddie Silva 


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