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Nokasad (full name Somdetch Brhat Chao Jaya Sri Samudra Buddhangkura; alternate names Soi Si Samout Phouthong Koun; King of Champa Nagapurisiri or Nakhon Champa Nakhaburisi) (reckoned posthumously to have been born in 1693 as Prince (Chao) Nakasatra Sungaya or Nokasat Song) was a grandson of the last king of Lan Xang, King Sourigna Vongsa; and a son-in-law of the Cambodian King Chey Chettha IV.[1] He was made king of the southern Laotian Kingdom of Champasak from 1713 to 1737. In 1718, the first Lao muang in the Chi valley — and indeed anywhere in the interior of the Khorat Plateau — was founded at Suwannaphum District in present-day Roi Et Province by an official in the service of this king.[2] In 1725, he turned his executive powers over to his eldest son; he died at Khorat in 1738.[3]


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