Nofence is a Norwegian company that makes GPS collars for farm animals (cattle, sheep, and goats) that discourage them from crossing virtual fences.[1][2]

Oscar Hovde Berntsen has been working on the idea of virtual fencing, as an alternative to fixed electric fencing, since the 1990s.[3] Nofence was incorporated in 2011.[3] In 2016, there was a pilot project in Norway with 850 goats.[3] In 2017, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority approved the use of Nofence for goats; and for cattle and sheep in 2020.[3] Nofence are based in Batnfjordsøra, Norway, with a UK office in Warwick.[3]

The solar-powered collars play a melody "ringtone" when the animal reaches the fence, and if they continue, a small shock, as with an electric fence.[4] Farmers can use a mobile app to change boundaries throughout the day, and avoid over-grazing.[2] Fenceless grazing is being supported by conservationists and farmers, particularly in sensitive areas or difficult upland areas where physical fencing would be impractical, expensive or inappropriate.[4]

In September 2020, The Times reported that trials were being conducted at six sites in the UK, including Epping Forest, in Essex.[1]

In December 2020, Nofence stated that 17,000 collars were in use in Norway.[2]


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