Noceda may refer to:


  • Noceda (river), a river in Province of León, in Castile and León, Spain
  • Noceda del Bierzo, a village and municipality in the region of El Bierzo, in Province of León, Castile and León, Spain
  • Noceda de Rengos, one of 54 parish councils in Cangas del Narcea, a municipality in Asturias, Spain


People with the surname Noceda include:

  • Lunna (born 1960; María Socorro García de la Noceda), is a singer of popular music and jazz who was the director of the television
  • Jorge Noceda Sánchez (1925–1987), diplomat and painter from the Dominican Republic
  • Rubén Noceda (1931–2007), football goalkeeper from Paraguay

Fictional charactersEdit

  • Luz Noceda, protagonist of the 2020 American animated series The Owl House

See alsoEdit

  • Noseda, people with a similar surname