No abras la puerta

No abras la puerta (English: Don't open the door) is a 2014 Chilean telenovela produced, and currently being broadcast, by TVN.[1]

No abras la puerta
Created byJulio Rojas
Written byAlejandro Cabrera
Emilia Noguera
Valeria Vargas
Luis Emilio Guzmán
Directed byÍtalo Galleani
Creative directorAlex Bowen
StarringLuz Valdivieso
Matías Oviedo
Gonzalo Valenzuela
Elisa Zulueta
Marcial Tagle
Alejandra Fosalba
María José Illanes
Fernando Kliche
Magdalena Max-Neef
Javiera Hernández
Theme music composerElla
ComposerCeleste Shaw
Country of originChile
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes74
Executive producerJaviera Kri Amar
ProducerMauricio Campos
Production locationsSantiago, Chile
EditorCésar Soto L.
Production companyTelevisión Nacional de Chile
DistributorTelevisión Nacional de Chile
Original networkTVN
Original releaseAugust 4, 2014 (2014-08-04) –
January 14, 2015 (2015-01-14)
Preceded byVuelve temprano
Followed byDueños del paraíso

Luz Valdivieso and Matías Oviedo were cast as the leading roles,[2][3] while Gonzalo Valenzuela plays the antagonist.[4]


Some years before present time, Isabel Tobar (Luz Valdivieso) suffered and survived violence and mistreatment from her ex-boyfriend, Juan Pablo Olavarria (Gonzalo Valenzuela). After getting him out of her life, she was able to put herself back together and became a strong self-confident woman. She now helps and defends women who are going through the same abuse she once went through.

She doesn't seem to have time for love in her life, but she does have time for her beloved daughter Jacinta (María de los Ángeles López), whom she protects with all her might. Even though she isn't looking for Prince Charming, she finds him in Tomás (Matías Oviedo), a handsome Kung Fu instructor who falls for this brave and caring woman. But everything is not perfect: Juan Pablo Olavarría (Gonzalo Valenzuela), her ex-boyfriend, is back in Chile determined to get back the woman who escaped from him.

Now Isabel will have to choose among these two men, a seemingly renovated Juan Pablo or the kind and loving Tomás. Besides she will get to know very deeply the stories of different couples who try to save their relationships and love.


Confirmed on June 17, 2014.[5]

  • Luz Valdivieso as Isabel Tobar Vidal
  • Gonzalo Valenzuela as Juan Pablo Olavarria
  • Matías Oviedo as Tomás Campos
  • Elisa Zulueta as Silvana Bunivic
  • Fernando Kliche as Germán Tobar
  • Magdalena Max-Neef as María Teresa Vidal de Tobar
  • Marcial Tagle as Claudio Gormaz
  • María José Illanes as Daniela Sepúlveda
  • Alejandra Fosalba as Carla Marambio
  • Javiera Hernández as Laura Olavarria
  • Claudia Pérez as Rosario Vega de García
  • Víctor Montero as Antonio Garcia - Villain
  • Delfina Guzmán as Victoria Edwards
  • Verónica Soffia as Ignacia Tobar Vidal
  • Diego Ruiz as Martín Vial - Villain
  • Camila Hirane as Dominga Velasco
  • Felipe Orellana as Rodrigo Campos
  • María Luisa Mayol as Soledad Vivanco
  • María de los Ángeles López as Jacinta Olavarria Tobar / Jacinta Spencer Tobar
  • Franco Latorre as Antonio Garcia Vega Jr.
  • Carolina Arregui as Gladys Ortiz
  • Camila Leyva as Mercedes "Meche" Vivanco
  • Max Meriño as Isabel's Chief
  • Matías Stevens as Robert Spencer