No More Fish, No Fishermen

No More Fish, No Fishermen is a song whose lyrics were composed by Canadian folklorist and singer Shelley Posen, about the demise of the Newfoundland fishery.[1][2] Although it was written in 1996, it is often assumed to be a traditional song.[3] The tune is based upon "Coal Not Dole" by Kay Sutcliffe and Paul Abrahams, who wrote the lyrics and melody respectively, about the death of the coal industry in northern England. "Coal Not Dole" was made popular by Coope Boyes and Simpson on their Funny Old World album, and is in turn based on the Victorian Christmas carol, "See, Amid The Winter's Snow". It is set to the hymn tune Humility by John Goss, written in 1871.

"No More Fish, No Fishermen"
Song by Finest Kind
from the album Heart's Delight
GenreFolk music, close harmony
LabelFallen Angle Music
Songwriter(s)Shelley Posen

Posen recorded "No More Fish, No Fishermen" with the group Finest Kind (on their CD Heart's Delight) as an a capella, three-part vocal; and on his solo CD The Old Songs' Home, with a jangle pop musical arrangement reminiscent of The Byrds.


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