NoBody's Perfect

NoBody's Perfect is a 2008 feature documentary produced and directed by Niko von Glasow. The film won the German Film Award for Best Documentary Film at the Deutscher Filmpreis in 2009,[1] and has gone on to receive worldwide acclaim,[citation needed] resulting in a powerful campaign for the victims of thalidomide.

NoBody's Perfect
Directed byNiko von Glasow
Produced byNiko von Glasow
Ewa Borowski
Frank Henschke
Anne-Sophie Quancard
Written byNiko von Glasow
Kiki von Glasow
CinematographyAnia Dabrowska
Andreas Kohler
Edited byMechthild Barth
Mathias Dombrink
Release date
  • August 9, 2008 (2008-08-09) (Locarno Film Festival)
United Kingdom


With a darkly humorous touch and no deference to political correctness, NoBody's Perfect the film begins with the extraordinary reactions of the twelve participants towards the project itself, and subsequently explores the specific problems which they faced during childhood, adolescence through to adulthood.[1]


The film was produced by Palladio Film.

During production, von Glasow attempted, unsuccessfully, to make contact with the chemical company Gruenenthal, who produced the drug Thalidomide.


Following the release and German Film Award in 2009, Niko went on to meet with various politicians and journalists. An effective campaign resulted in the German government's decision to raise monthly compensation (which could amount to over €2.5billion over the next 30 years) for the victims, many of whom continue to struggle in coping with their condition.

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