No. 278 Squadron RAAF

No 278 Squadron formed on 1 July 2003. The squadron's formation removes day-to-day management responsibility of No. 78 Wing RAAF Technical Training and Operational Flight Trainer support elements from the Wing Headquarters.

278 Squadron
Active1 July 2003 –
BranchRoyal Australian Air Force
RoleTechnical Training
Part ofAir Combat Group, 78 Wing
baseRAAF Base Amberley
Motto(s)Prepare to Defend and Strike

No 278 Squadron had a combined Air Force/Australian Public Service workforce serving in Technical Training Flights at Williamtown and Amberley. The Squadron Headquarters is located at RAAF Base Amberley.


To Provide Technical Training and Operational Flight Trainers in support of Air Combat Group Operations.


"To achieve excellence in ADF Technical Training and Aircraft Simulation."


On 1 July 2003 278 Squadron was born from a pressing need to standardise and achieve efficiencies in the training of Air Combat Group RAAF (ACG) personnel. ACG's mission – to deliver Australia's capability to Control the Air and to Conduct Precision Strike – is unachievable without highly trained aircrew and maintenance teams. With permanent staff members supporting ACG training around Australia in RAAF Base Williamtown and RAAF Base Amberley. 278SQN is preparing ACG maintainers to defend and strike.

Establishing highly trained personnel takes years of dedicated training commitment. 278SQN delivers this training through Technical Training Flights for maintainers. Technical Training Flights provide training support through numerous methods and are contributing towards a healthy maintenance culture of professionalism, safety and pride in work.