No. 12 Hill

No. 12 Hill

No. 12 Hill (Chinese: 十二號山), or Hung Kom Hill, is a hill in between King's Park and Lo Lung Hang, northwest of Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The Oi Man Estate was built on No. 12 Hill in stages between 1974 and 1975. The place is sometimes referred as King's Park Hill Level.

Streets and places in No. 12 HillEdit

Oi Man Estate on No. 12 Hill. Carmel Secondary School can be seen on the right
  • Carmel Village Street
  • Chi Man Street
  • Chung Hau Street
  • Chung Yee Street
  • Good Shepherd Street
  • Hau Man Street
  • Oi Sen Path
  • Oi Man Estate
  • Chun Man Court

Leisure facilitiesEdit

  • Fat Kwong Street Sport Centre
  • Ho Man Tin Leisure Centre
  • Ho Man Tin Park
  • King's Park High Level Service Reservoir Playground
  • Chung Yee Street Garden

Public and community servicesEdit


Educational institutions in No. 12 Hill include:


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Coordinates: 22°18′45″N 114°10′42″E / 22.3126°N 114.1784°E / 22.3126; 114.1784