Nino Nakashidze

Nino Nakashidze (also spelled as Nakachidze, Georgian: ნინო ნაკაშიძე)(13 January 1872 — 2 July 1963) was a Georgian writer. She was primarily known for her writings involving children and their treatment in what she viewed as a flawed system. She was also a political activist and took part in the Revolution of 1905 and subsequent upheavals, which earned her a brief exile in 1908 to the Vyatka Governorate. It is in this time period that she wrote some of her more somber titles, such as "Execution of Aspiroz"(ასპიროზის დახვრეტ) and a play "Who is Guilty"(ვინ არის დამნაშავე).[1]

Nino Nakashidze
ნინო ნაკაშიძე
Portrait of Nakashidze in her signature white hair
Portrait of Nakashidze in her signature white hair
Born(1872-01-13)13 January 1872
Near Ozurgeti, Georgia, Russian Empire
Died2 July 1963(1963-07-02) (aged 91)
Tbilisi, Georgia, Soviet Union
OccupationWriter, revolutionary, activist

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