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Nine Martyrs of England and Wales, also known as Hugh Faringdon and Eight Companion Martyrs are a group of clergy and laypersons who were executed on charges of treason and related offences in the Kingdom of England. Eight of these occurred in 1539, during the reign of King Henry VIII, and one other in 1572. They are considered martyrs in the Roman Catholic Church and were beatified on 13 May 1895 by Pope Leo XIII.

Nine Martyrs of England and Wales
DiedDuring 1539, and in 1572, England and Wales
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Beatified13 May 1895, by Pope Leo XIII

List of individual namesEdit

They were chosen from a number of priests and laymen executed between 1584 and 1679, during the English Reformation. Their names were:[1]

Plaque, with the likeness of Hugh Faringdon

Liturgical Feast DayEdit

In England these martyrs, together with those beatified between 1886 and 1929, are commemorated by a feast day on 4 May. This day also honours the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales who hold the rank of saint; the Forty Martyrs were honoured separately on 25 October until the liturgical calendar for England was revised in the year 2000.[2]

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