Nilufar Usmonova

Nilufar Usmanova (Uzbek: Nilufar Usmonova, Нилюфар Усмонова) (born 6 April 1987), is an Uzbek singer and actress. She received primary education in school number 18 (in Margilan) and number 17 (in Tashkent). At age 10 her parents sent her to the United Kingdom, where during four years she studied in educational institutions such as the Vinehall School (1996–1999 y.) and Sherborne International College (1999–2000 y). In 2001 Nilufar returned to Uzbekistan, entered to the Tashkent Ulugbek International School and finished it in 2004. In 2006, Nilufar, dreaming of becoming a lawyer, started studying in Tashkent State Law University and graduated in 2013.

Nilufar Usmanova
Birth nameNilufar Hakimova Ibrohimxonovna
Born (1987-04-06) 6 April 1987 (age 34)
OriginTashkent, Uzbek SSR, USSR
GenresPop, Uzbek music
Occupation(s)Singer, actress
Years active1995–present

Personal lifeEdit

In 2004, Nilufar Usmanova married a young lawyer Novzod Saidgaziev. In 2005, the young family welcomed first-born – son Saidazam and in the same year, the couple got divorced. In 2009 Nilufar married for the second time. From this marriage, in 2011 she gave birth to a son Ibrahim, and in 2012 to another son called Suleiman. In 2019, she changed her name to Aisha.[1]


At the age of 8 Nilufar sang her first song "Shaytonga buysungan yuraklar" in a duet with her mother Yulduz Usmanova. In 1995, video for the song "Shaytonga buysungan yuraklar" was released and in the same year, as part of a solo concert of Yulduz Usmanova, Nilufar first appeared on a big stage, debuting with her mother. In 1995 she starred in the leading role in the movie "Bolajon" with famous Uzbek actor Mirza Holmedov and her mother Yulduz Usmanova. In 2002 and 2003, she starred in such films as "Muhabbat sinovlari" (Trials of love) and "Muhabbat sinovlari – 2" (trials of love 2).

Her professional career began in 2005 with the release of the song "Bolam shu yurt seniki" (My child this land is yours). In 2006 she signed a contract with "Tarona Records" company and in the same year Nilufar starred in film "Burilar" (Wolves) in the title role. In 2007, the song "Taslim buldim" (I gave up) was released, which later became a hit. In the same year she presented another hit "Bir Kuning Baxsh et" (Devote one your days) and to this day as it remains the hallmark of Nilufar Usmanova. In 2008, the first studio album was recorded, "Taslim Buldim!" (I gave up) and new single "Bevafo yorim. (Untrustworthy lover) In 2009, there was the release of the second studio album "Bahtingni kutgin" (Wait for your happiness) most singles of which were performed in duets with domestic singers (with Otabek Mutalhodzhaev "Mayli, mayli," (Alright) with Akbar Atamuhammedov (band "Sado") "Voy-Doda" (Oh My God) with Shahruhhon "Senga bulsin!" (Let it be for you) and with Shahriyor). In the same year she recorded the song "Uchar kiz." (Flying girl) (Yalanci şahidim)

In 2010 and 2011, she released such hits as "Farishtalar" (Angels) (a soundtrack for the film "Poyma poy" ), "Tasanno" (Bravo) "Khayolim ugrisi" (Robber of my mind), "Serobginam" (My plentiful), "Karay olasanmi?" (Can you look at?). Next year 2012 was marked with the premiere of singles and videos, "Jani", "Qayt" (Come back), duets "Aytishuv" (Battle) with Doniyar Bekturdiev (singer from Khorezm) and "Illo" with Yulduz Usmanova. In 2013 she recorded singles and made videos "Ana-ana" (Here it is) and "Kadrimga et" (Appreciate me), "Hey bola" (Hey guy), "Unutgin." (Forget) 2014: "Chapanigina Uzbegim" (My common Uzbek), "Kuyla-kuyla." (Sing-sing) On 31 January and 1 February 2015 in Istanbul (Turkey) Nilufar Usmanova performed with the concert program. In the spring of 2015 there were two videos made for the song "Maktab" (School) and "Dunyo" (World). In June there were video shoots for the song "Bir donang bulay" (Let me be your only one), and the video can be watched by fans and admirers of Nilufar in July 2015.


Year Album
2008 Taslim bo'ldim
2009 Baxtingni kutgin
2013 Qadrimga yet
2015 Dunyo


This is a chronologically-ordered list of films in which Nilufar has appeared.

Year Title Notes
1995 Bolajon Herself
2002 Muhabbat sinovlari Nilufar
2003 Muhabbat sinovlari 2 Nilufar
2007 Bo'rilar Madina
2008 Quvg'in Madina
2010 Ada emas, dada! Tohir va Zuhra 2 yangi talqin Herself
2011 G'aroyib orzular Herself
Music videos
Year Song title Artist
2013 "Nilufarim" Jahongir Foziljonov

Music videosEdit

Year Video Director
1995 Shaytonga bo'ysungan yuraklar (Hearts obeyed devil)
1997 Otajon (Dear father)
2001 Yur (Let's go) Rustam Sagdiev
2005 Bolam (Dear child) 9999 studio
2006 Qachon sezadi (When will feel)

Samarqand qiziman (I’m a girl of Samarkand)

Djasur Shametov

9999 studio

2007 Taslim bo'ldim (I gave up)

Aybim (My fault)

Bir kuning baxsh et (Devote one of your days)

Djasur Shametov

Sharq cinema

Yodgor Nosirov

2008 Oshiqligim bilmading (Didn’tt know my amorousness)

Mayli-mayli (feat. Otabek Mutalhodzhaev) (Alright)

Voy doda (feat. Akbar Atamuhammedov) (Oh my God)

Sharq cinema

Muzaffar Erkinov

Nodir Muminov

2008 Aybim sevganim Aziz
2009 Bevafo yor (Untrustworthy lover)

Armonli muhabbat (Unfulfilled Love)

Farishtalar (Angels)

Sen yetim emassan (You are not an orphan)

Yodgor Nosirov

Sharq cinema

Sharq cinema

9999 studio

2010 Uchar qiz (Yalanci şahidim) (Rafet El Roman cover) (Flying girl)

Tasanno (Bravo)

Hayolimning o'g'risi (Robber of my mind)

Serobginam (My plentiful)

Sunny (Boney M cover) (feat. Shahriyor and Anora and Munisa Rizaeva)

Sharq cinema

Yodgor Nosirov

Jasur Shametov

Jasur Shametov

2011 Jani (Jani)

Qaray olasanmi (Can you look at?)

Nozim Jumaev

Yodgor Nosirov

2011 Bahor
2012 Qayt (Come back)

Uylanding (You got married )

Akrom Tolipov

Sharq cinema

2013 Ana-ana (Here it is)

Qadrimga yet (Appreciate me)

Ey bola (Hey boy)

Unutgin (Forget)

Dilmurod Sharipov

Yodgor Nosirov

Yodgor Nosirov

Yodgor Nosirov

2014 Chapanigina O'zbegim (My common Uzbek )

Kuyla-kuyla (Sing)

Sarvar Isaev

Yodgor Nosirov

2014 Sevgi qissasi Sarvar Isaev
2015 Dunyo (World)

Maktab (School)

Dona (Let me be your only one)

Timur Primkulov


Yigitali Mamadjanov

2016 Kelaqol jonim Jakhongir Ahmedov
2016 Chin sevaman Jakhongir Ibragimov
2016 Kel ikkimiz Sarvar Isaev
2017 Aladdin Alisher Uzakov


Year Award Nomination Result
2007 "Star hit-parade" radio "Uzbegim taronasi» Golden disc Victory (for the song "Бир кунинг бахш эт!" (Devote one day)
2010 "M&TVA» "best singer of the year» Victory
2011 "Star hit-parade" radio "Uzbegim taronasi» Golden disc Victory (for the song "Тасанно" (Bravo))
2012 "Star hit-parade" radio "Uzbegim taronasi» Golden disc Victory (for the song "Карай оласанми" (Can you look at?) and for the duet "Айтишув" with Diniyar Bekturdiev (a singer from Khorezm))


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