Nikolay Saksonov

Nikolai Nikolaevich Saksonov (Russian: Николáй Николáевич Саксóнов; 6 January 1923 – 2 November 2011) was a Russian weightlifter. He competed for the Soviet Union at the 1952 Olympics and won a silver medal in the featherweight division (−60 kg). The following year he won a world title in the same division. During his career Saksonov set nine world records: seven official records in the clean and jerk and two unofficial records in the total.[1][2]

Nikolay Saksonov
Nikolay Saksonov.jpg
Personal information
Born6 January 1923
Serga, Permsky Uyezd, Perm Governorate, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Died2 November 2011 (aged 88)
Elektrougli, Moscow, Russia
Weight60 kg (130 lb)
ClubLokomotiv Sverdlovsk


In 1940–1941 Saksonov studied at naval and infantry military schools, and later fought as a sergeant in World War II. During a raid behind the front lines he captured an injured German combatant and brought him to the Soviet positions despite being wounded himself. For this feat he was awarded the Order of the Red Star. He took part in various other military operations, for which he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War and the Medal of Bravery, among other medals.[3]

After retiring from sport, in the 1960s Saksonov defended a PhD in medicine and later headed the Department of Athletics of the State Central Institute of Physical Culture.[4]


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