Nikolay Binev

Nikolay Binev (Bulgarian: Николай Бинев; 5 July 1934 - 8 December 2003) was a Bulgarian theater and film actor. During most of his career he was the soul and history of the Mladezhki Theater, Sofia and remained devoted to it until the end of his life. In 2006, in his honor, the theater was named after him.[1]

Николай Бинев
Nikolay Binev
Born5 July 1934
Died8 December 2003(2003-12-08) (aged 69)
OccupationFilm and Theater Actor
Years active1959–2003
Spouse(s)Domna Ganeva

Biography and CareerEdit

Binev was born on 5 July 1934 in the town of Sliven, Bulgaria. In 1958 he graduated as an actor in Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts.

In 1959, after several months on the stage with the Ruse Theater, Binev entered the Mladezhki Theater, Sofia where he stayed until the end of his life.[2] "...Binev was an encyclopedist and a man with a unique sense of humor..." said the director Andrey Avramov.[1] He was also known for his delicate and remarkable way of dealing with people.[2] At the stage of the theater Binev created eminent performances in plays as: „Socrates“ by Guilherme Figueiredo, „Amadeus“ by Peter Shaffer, „The Dresser“ by Ronald Harwood, „King John“ by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, „When the Roses Dance“ by Valery Petrov and so on. He was honored twice with ASKEER, Bulgarian award of theater art.

Binev started his film career in the beginning of the 1960s. Most notable are his performances in Amendment to the Defense-of-State Act awarded with Golden Rose at FBFF Varna'76 (Festival for Bulgarian Featured Films)[3] and the TV series Nights with the White Horses with the memorable role as Academician Urumov for which he was awarded from the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and the city of Sofia. During the last years of his career Binev participated in some foreign productions as East/West (1999) with Catherine Deneuve.

He was decorated with the high government prize the Order Of Saint Cyril And Saint Methodius.

In 2004 the Mladezhki Theater, together with Binev's wife Domna Ganeva, released a CD named "Nikolay Binev singing". The edition includes some of his musical performances among which are arias from Verdi's operas and songs from the musical Yesterday by Lyubomir Denev.

Nikolay Binev died in 2003 at the age of 69.


Year Film Role Notes
1961 Stramnata pateka / The Steep Path Tihiya Bulgarian: Стръмната пътека
1966 Mazhe / Men Bulgarian: Мъже
1970 Sbogom, priyateli! / Farewell, Friends! the head of the school Bulgarian: Сбогом, приятели!
1971 Ne se obrashtay nazad / Don't Turn Back the medical auxiliary Bulgarian: Не се обръщай назад
Nyama nishto po-hubavo ot loshoto vreme / There Is Nothing Better Than Bad Weather Bauer Bulgarian: Няма нищо по-хубаво от лошото време
1972 Avtostop/ Hitchhiking the writer Bulgarian: Автостоп
Sartse choveshko / A Human Heart the minister Bulgarian: Сърце човешко
Obich / Affection the manager Bulgarian: Обич
1973 Kato Pesen / Like a Song Margarita's father Bulgarian: Като песен
Poslednata duma / The Last Word the investigator Bulgarian: Последната дума
Golyamata skuka / The Great Boredom Todorovr Bulgarian: Голямата скука
1975 Otkade se znaem? / Where Have We Met? Bulgarian: Откъде се знаем?
Nezabravimijat den / The Memorable Day Bulgarian: Незабравимият ден
1976 Spomen za Bliznachkata / Memory of the Twin Sister narrator Bulgarian: Спомен за близначката
Dopalnenie kam zakona za zashtita na darzhavata / Amendment to the Defense-of-State Act the delicate Bulgarian: Допълнение към закона за защита на държавата
1977 Zvezdi v Kosite, Salzi v Ochite / Stars in Her Hair, Tears in Her Eyes Dinko Syarov Bulgarian: Звезди в косите, сълзи в очите
Slanchev udar / Sunstroke Lazarov Bulgarian: Слънчев удар
1978 Chuy petela / Hark to the Cock Old Toshe Bulgarian: Чуй петела
Umiray samo v kraen sluchay / Dying in the Worst Dreyk TV series
Bulgarian: Умирай само в краен случай
1979 Bumerang / Boomerang the writer Boris Krastev Bulgarian: Бумеранг
Kashtata / The House Kupenkov Bulgarian: Къщата
Sami sred valtzi / Alone Among Wolves doctor Delius TV series
Bulgarian: Сами сред вълци
1980 Yumrutsi v Prastta / Fists in the Soil Kamenov Bulgarian: Юмруци в пръстта
1982 Esenno slantse / Autumn Sun Mr. Teodosiy Bulgarian: Есенно слънце
Nay-tezhkiyat gryah / The Worst Sin the meek Bulgarian: Най-тежкият грях
1983 Konstantin filosof / Constantine the Philosopher Bulgarian: Константин философ
Tretoto litze / Third Side of the Coin Professor Pangarov Bulgarian: Третото лице
Meko kazano / Speaking Mildly Bulgarian: Меко казано
1984 Poetat i dyavolat / The Poet and the Devil the professor Bulgarian: Поетът и дяволът
1985 Denyat ne si lichi po zaranta / Day Is Not Obvious from the Morning Tomas TV series
Bulgarian: Денят не си личи по заранта
Noshtem s belite kone / Nights with the White Horses Academician Urumov TV series
Bulgarian: Нощем с белите коне
1987 Dvoyna primka / Double Noose TV mini-series
Bulgarian: Двойна примка
1990 Nemirnata ptitza lyubov / Love Is a Willful Bird the actor Bulgarian: Немирната птица любов
1992 Vampiri, talasami / Vampires, Spooks Shani Bulgarian: Вампири, таласъми
1993 Fatalna nezhnost / Fatal Tenderness Boris Liteyski Bulgarian: Фатална нежност
Zhrebiyat / The Lot Farhi Bulgarian: Жребият
1994 Lyubovni sanishta / Love Dreams Bulgarian: Любовни сънища
1997 Sulamit Bulgarian: Суламит
1998 Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights Pop-Pop
1999 Bridge of Dragons The Doctor USA production
Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite Judge (as Nikolay Binev)
East/West Sergei Kozlov Bulgarian: Изток - Запад
Russian: Восток-Запад
French: Est-Ouest
2002 Derailed (2002 film) Vincent Gruber
Pansion za kucheta / Dogs' Home Filip Bulgarian: Пансион за кучета
2003 Alien Hunter Dr. Alexi Gierach



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