Nikolai Borisovich Delone

Nikolai Delaunay, Jr. (aka Delone, Nikolai Borisovich) (22 May 1926 – 11 September 2008) was a Soviet physicist born in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia).[1]


Delone was born in Leningrad on 22 May 1922. He was the son of Boris Delone, a mathematician.[1] He graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1951, and obtained his Ph.D at the Lebedev Physical Institute in the late 1950s.[1]

Delone is recognized for the first observations of multiphoton ionization, in 1965.[1][2] Delone, along with Maxim Ammosov and Vladimir P. Krainov, developed the ADK formula, relating tunneling ionization in laser fields.[1] He was also a lecturer at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.[1] After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he travelled abroad and worked on international collaborations on multiphoton physics.[1]

His son was Vadim Delaunay, a poet and dissident, who participated in the 1968 Red Square demonstration of protest against military suppression of the Prague Spring.


Delone published over 200 scientific papers, a four-book series on the physics of strong laser fields and on multiphoton physics, and a series of high-school level Russian textbooks.[1]


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