Night of the Dead (film)

Night of the Dead is a 2006 American horror film written and directed by Eric Forsberg. It stars Louis Graham as Dr. Gabriel Schreklich, a scientist who seeks to resurrect his dead family.

Night of the Dead
Directed byEric Forsberg
Written byEric Forsberg
Produced byEric Forsberg
  • Louis Graham
  • Joey Jalalian
  • Gabriel Womack
  • Deirdre V. Lyons
  • Lola Forsberg
  • David Reynolds
  • John Bickford
  • David Frank
Edited byMary Ann Skweres
Music byRobert Bayless
Cerebral Experiment
Distributed byThe Asylum
Release date
  • June 28, 2006 (2006-06-28) (Los Angeles)
Running time
89 minutes
CountryUnited States


Dr. Gabriel Schreklich loses his wife and daughter. Distraught, he founds The Institute for Life Extension, where tries to find a way to resurrect the dead. Schreklich's nephew Peter helps him, not knowing that his pregnant wife Anais is in danger. Schreklich's experiments are a success, and his family is brought back to a semblance of life, but they are now ghouls, in pain and hungry for the flesh of the living. When they escape their confinement, the whole institute is put at risk.


  • Louis Graham as Dr. Gabriel Schreklich
  • Joey Jalalian as Anais Sturben
  • Gabriel Womack as Peter Sturben
  • Deirdre V. Lyons as Schatzi
  • Lola Forsberg as Christi
  • Dave Reynolds as Gunther
  • Mary Christina Brown as Lith


Night of the Dead was produced by director Eric Forsberg's own production company, Cerebral Experiment. Forsberg sold his house to finance the film. It was shot on a single location.[1]


The original title for Night of the Dead was Night of the Leben Tod, which later turned into Night of the Dead: Leben Tod. The Asylum simplified the film's title to Night of the Dead when they purchased the movie in 2006.[2]


In The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, Volume 2, Peter Dendle wrote that the film is a low budget ripoff of Re-Animator with minimal changes, such as changing the color of the reagent and giving the antagonist an occasional German accent.[3] Steve Anderson of Film Threat rated the film 1/5 stars and called it a low budget knockoff of Re-Animator.[4] Milos Jovanovic of HorrorTalk rated 3/5 stars and wrote, "Night of the Dead: Leben Tod is not quite Bad Taste or Braindead, but it's a step in that direction, and a good one."[5]


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