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Nigel Roberts

Nigel Roberts FBCS FRSA is a British computer scientist and former politician.

Nigel Roberts
Nigel Roberts FBCS.jpg
Born Liverpool, UK



Educated at Wigan and Prescot Grammar Schools, his first degree is in Computer Science from Essex University. Whilst at Essex, he was one of the group of undergraduates who conceived and developed the world's first multi-user computer game (MUD).[1] In June 2008 he obtained a First in Law from the OU and the College of Law (now known as the University of Law).


He went on to work at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where (among other projects) he worked on the pioneering ALL-IN-1 email and office automation system.[2]

In 1996 he founded the Island Networks group of companies[3] — including CHANNELISLES.NET, the registry operator of the .GG and .JE top level domains for Guernsey and Jersey.

In 2005 Roberts became the first person in the UK to obtain damages in court from a sender of unsolicited commercial email, receiving £300 in damages following an action in the Colchester County Court.[4][5][6]


First elected in 2013, Roberts is currently one of the three elected European councillors on ICANN's ccNSO Council,[7] one of the two successor bodies to the DNSO Names Council. His term ends in March 2020.[8] In 1999 Roberts was one of the first members of ICANN's Names Council representing the ccTLD constituency.[9] He has been part of ICANN since its foundation and took part in the US Government's International Forum on the White Paper (IFWP) which preceded it.[10]

In September 2017 he was proposed for the ICANN Board of Directors by .PR (Puerto Rico), .CI (Côte d'Ivoire) and .BE (Belgium).[11]

In the subsequent world-wide poll of ccTLD managers [12] he was elected, receiving 67% of the vote.[13][14] He will take up his appointment in October 2018[15] , becoming one of the two Board Members representing the ccNSO, alongside Chris Disspain.


He ran for the UK Parliament in the 1997 General Election as Liberal Democrat candidate[16] for the Ipswich Constituency. Roberts later served as an elected member of the States of Alderney between 2002-2003.


Roberts was a Board Director (Council Member) of the Radio Society of Great Britain between 1991 and 1996.[17]

He is an occasional radio presenter with local FM station QUAY-FM.[18]

Professional societiesEdit

He has been a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society since 2005.[19] He was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in February 2016.[20] He is a Chartered Engineer and a European Engineer.

He was granted armorial bearings by Letters Patent of the College of Arms on 1 March 2006.[21]

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