Niet Molotoff

Niet Molotoff is a Finnish propaganda song. It is composed by Matti Jurva and lyrics by Tatu Pekkarinen.[1] Jurva recorded the song in 1942 with the Kristalli-Tanssiorkesteri conducted by George de Godzinsky. The orchestral accompaniment of the recording was arranged by Robert von Essen.[2]

The song is making fun of the Red Army's failure in the Winter War. Its main target was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vyacheslav Molotov. Molotov is said to be even more liar when compared to the governor-General of Finland, Nikolay Bobrikov (Николай Иванович Бобриков), known for his policy of Russification.

It was reinterpreted by Solistiyhtye Suomi as Njet Molotoff in 1989.[3]


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