Nicolas Béhuchet

Nicolas Béhuchet (1288[1] – 24 June 1340), also known as Colin Béhuchet, was a French admiral and financier. Together with Hugues Quiéret, he commanded the French fleet during the early phases of the Hundred Years' War. At the battle of Arnemuiden in 1338, Béhuchet ordered the English prisoners massacred. The following years, he and Quiéret fought the English in the Channel. Two years after Arnemuiden, the French fleet was anchored at Sluys in preparation of an invasion of England. The fleet was attacked by Edward III's English fleet and was destroyed in the battle of Sluys. After this defeat, the captured Béhuchet was hanged as a revenge for the massacre at Arnemuiden.

Nicolas Béhuchet
Nicolas Behuchet - Versailles.jpg
Nicolas Béhuchet
Bornc. 1288
Died24 June 1340 (aged 51–52)
RankConstable of France
Battles/warsEnglish Channel campaign
Battle of Arnemuiden
Battle of Sluys


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