Nicolò Venier

Nicolò Venier (ca. 1483 – 1530) was a Lord of Paros in 1518-1530.

He was a son of Zuan Francesco Venier, Co-Lord of Cerigo and his wife Fiorenza Sommaripa, Lady of Paros, and had a sister Cecilia, who succeeded him to the lordship of Paros.

In 1507 Venier married a woman named Zantano, by whom he had a son Andrea Venier, who died during his father's life.[1] There are speculations that he was the biological father of Italian concubine Cecilia Venier-Baffo, who was captured and sold to slavery. Then she became Nurbanu Sultan, the wife of Sultan Selim II, and the queen mother of Sultan Murad III


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