Nicholas d'Oisy, Lord of Avesnes

Nicholas d 'Oisy, Lord of Avesnes, nicknamed le Beau ("the Beautiful") (c. 1130c. 1170), was a son of Walter I, Lord of Avesnes and his wife, Ada of Tournai. He was Lord of Avesnes, Leuze and Condé. He built castles in Landrechies and Condé.

Nicholas d'Oisy, Lord of Avesnes
Bornc. 1130
Diedc. 1170
Noble familyHouse of Avesnes
Spouse(s)Matilda de la Roche
FatherWalter I, Lord of Avesnes
MotherAda of Tournai

Nicholas was married to Matilda de la Roche, the widow of Thierry de Walcourt. She was the daughter of Henry I of la Roche (c. 1100 – 1126), Count of la Roche and warden of Stavelot and Malmedy and his wife, Matilda of Limburg. Her paternal grandfather was Albert III, Count of Namur; her maternal grandfather was Henry, Duke of Lower Lorraine.

They had the following children:

Nicholas d'Oisy, Lord of Avesnes
Born: c. 1130 Died: c. 1170
Preceded by Lord of Avesnes
Succeeded by