Nicholas Manza Kamakya

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Kamakya at the Berlin Marathon 2012
Nicholas Manza Kamakya during Prague International Marathon in 2014

Nicholas Manza Kamakya (born 1 January 1985) is a Kenyan long-distance runner who competes in road running events, including marathons.

He was the 2007 winner of the Boilermaker Road Race 15K.[1] In 2009 he came second at the Prague Half Marathon with a personal best of 1:00:09 hours, won the Göteborgsvarvet, was second at the Beijing Marathon.[2] and won the Montferland Run missing Haile Gebrselassie record by only two seconds.[3]

He ran at the 2010 Rome Marathon and finished in sixth place.[4] In 2011, he was the runner-up at the Los Angeles Marathon, ending the race with a time of 2:09:26, which was almost three minutes after the race winner Markos Geneti.[5] Manza won the Gold Coast Marathon in 2011, with a new race record of 2:10:01.[6] He improved his personal best time to 2:06:34 hours at the 2011 Amsterdam Marathon, finishing in fourth place.[7] He entered the 2011 Honolulu Marathon, but withdrew early on in the race due to pain in his Achilles tendon.[8] He ran at the Lake Biwa Marathon in March 2012, but did not finish this race either.[9] At run of 2:08:28 brought him fourth place at the 2012 Berlin Marathon.[10]

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