Nicholas I of Transylvania

Nicholas I (Hungarian: Miklós; died after 1203) was a Hungarian distinguished nobleman, who held several secular positions during the reign of Emeric, King of Hungary.

Nicholas I
Voivode of Transylvania
PredecessorJulius Kán
SuccessorBenedict, son of Korlát
Diedafter 1203

He was first mentioned as ispán (comes) of Sopron County in 1198.[1] He served as ban of Slavonia and besides that ispán of Zala County in 1199.[2] He also functioned as ispán of Bihar County in that same year.[3]

Nicholas was appointed voivode of Transylvania in 1201. According to a non-authentic charter he also served as voivode in 1202.[4][5] Later he held the position of ispán of Újvár County in 1203.[6]

As a loyal supporter of King Emeric, his person undoubtedly was not the same as the other Nicholas, who served as the first palatine for Andrew II of Hungary, Emeric's brother and rival in the throne fights. Consequently, Nicholas, the ban of Slavonia for Prince Andrew in 1200 was also a different baron. However, it is possible that a Nicholas, who functioned as ispán of Szatmár County in 1181, marked voivode Nicholas' early political career.[7] His son Stephen was a member of the entourage of Duke Béla in 1220.[7]


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