Nicholas I, Count of Tecklenburg

Nicholas I, Count of Tecklenburg (died 1367), also known as Nicholas III of Schwerin, was a German noble in the Holy Roman Empire.

Nicholas I
Count of Tecklenburg
Noble familyHouse of Hagen
Spouse(s)Helena of Oldenburg-Wildeshausen-Altbruchhausen
FatherGunzelin VI, Count of Schwerin
MotherRichardis of Tecklenburg


Nicholas was the son of Gunzelin VI, Count of Schwerin and Richardis, the daughter of Count Otto IV of Tecklenburg. In 1328, he succeeded his uncle, Count Otto V of Tecklenburg, as count of Tecklenburg-Ibbendüren and count of Lingen and Cloppenburg. He was initially considered an outsider, however, he managed to prove himself capable of the job.

He was elected captain of Osnabrück, to establish law and order, despite weak rule by the bishop. In 1350, he lost some territory to the bishop of Osnabrück, including Fuurstenau, Schwagsdorf and Berge. However, he acquired Altbruchhausen from his father-in-law, although he later had to abdicate there, due to his high debts.

Nicholas inherited the County of Schwerin from his brother Otto I in 1357. However, in 1358, he sold it to Mecklenburg.

Marriage and issueEdit

Nicholas married Helena, the daughter of Count Otto of Oldenburg-Wildeshausen-Altbruchhausen. They had two children:

  • Otto VI (died 1388)
  • Richardis, married Count Otto III of Oldenburg-Dolmenhorst (died 1418).
Nicholas I, Count of Tecklenburg
House of Schwerin
 Died: 1367
Preceded by Count of Tecklenburg
Succeeded by
Preceded by Count of Schwerin
Succeeded byas Duke of Mecklenburg