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Nicholas Doumanis is an historian of Europe and the Mediterranean world. Born in Australia in 1964, he studied at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales, where he acquired his PhD. He has lectured in European history at Macquarie University and the University of Newcastle, and is currently an Associate Professor of History at the University of New South Wales. He is a former editor of The Journal of Religious History, a recipient of the Stanley J. Seeger Fellowship at Princeton University, and an Australian Research Council Fellow at the University of Sydney. Doumanis was awarded the UK Fraenkel Prize for Myth and Memory in the Mediterranean. He has since published: Italy, Inventing the Nation which was translated into Italian by Il Mulino press: Una Facia Una Razza, and more recently A History of Greece covering the span of paleolithic to contemporary Greece. His latest book is Before the Nation with Oxford University Press. Nicholas is currently editing The Oxford Handbook of Europe 1914-1945 and writing a history of the Eastern Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to the present for Wiley Blackwell in its History of the World series. Doumanis is a member of the Australian Committee for the restitution of the Parthenon Marbles.


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